Halety Sweetz, LLC

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About Halety Sweets, LLC

Teresa Hogan, Founder 

I founded Halety Sweetz, LLC in New York, NY based on a notion that there was a need for healthier eating in my community. Given a series of new health issues to overcome, health-conscious thinking soon became my best friend in life.

When I was living in South Jamaica, it was a constant challenge to find healthier and tastier options for a good price to go along with my new “best friend.” That is when I developed the idea of starting a healthy bakery.

On Healthy Living and Helping the Community

My idea of healthy snacks didn’t mesh well with society’s idea of healthy options. This prompted me to make some life-changing moves. I began converting all of my recipes to gluten-free, low sugar/sodium, diabetic-safe, no preservatives or additives, and hypoallergenic. Coming soon new vegan recipes including ice cream to introduce my community to a healthier lifestyle.